The Issue about Online Poker Bots

Poker Playing robots or "bots" are the usual topic of different gaming chat rooms and new clubs that are devoted to the game of poker. The general decision or view on the subject is that the poker bots are programmed complex enough to outwit and outlast above average poker players in the game.

The worrying part on the issue is that a lot of gaming portals make a lot of money by utilizing these poker bots. There is also no effective way of knowing if you are playing against a real player or if you are just playing against a poker bot. There could be some substance in the rumors and poker bots may have the ability to beat an average poker player.

In that case, most online poker rooms are in big trouble. If nothing is done to know whether a poker player is real or just a poker bot, a lot of casino customers may give up playing online.

But according to some skeptics on the issue, the technology that is needed to make poker bots is still not possible. They said that it will still take decades until someone can make a poker bot that can respond to the rapid pace of the game. But it seems that reality is becoming true with the recent study and creation of Vex Bot by the University of Alberta.

Vex Bot can fight against two top class poker pros at the same time. The main goal of this system is to be the root for all commercial poker tutorial software. There is a present danger of Vex Bot being used for bad purposes.

Darse Billings, the lead designer of Vex Bot, commented that the program has a 50:50 chance of being utilized on commercial online casino sites. Vex Bot has an edge over a human poker player.

Since Vex Bot does not have any feelings, it cannot feel the usual emotions that human players experience during a game such as anxiety, anger, etc.

According to some industry experts, a lot of gambling operators are unwilling to answer questions regarding poker bots. Online gambling software provider Cryptologic is already taking necessary steps to stop poker bots.

Cryptologic said that they will immediately ban poker players who are suspected of being a poker bot. Some poker players say that using poker bots can be a rewarding experience for the player in terms of monetary compensation.

If a player has a good poker bot, players can play $1,000 dollars per hour. In the end, it will be up to online casinos whether they will take action against poker bots or not. But now that you know about them, beware and make your own decisions.