Making the Right Bets in No Limit

Not too many online No Limit players give much thought to betting in a hand. They either throw in everything when they have a good hand, or just fold. However, the winning Poker player knows that the amount you bet in a pot will be critical in determining the amount you will win.

Of course, if you have the nuts, then the correct No Limit strategy should be to go all in. Not immediately but at the proper time, when the other players have committed to the pot. When everyone is in, that is when you make the proper raise.

However, when the situation is not so clear, other No Limit strategies are called for. For instance, if you have a good hand, but see that your opponent is trying to make a straight draw, you should consider the situation very carefully. If the odds are not good, then you should make a pot size bet or even larger.

If the odds are in his favor, you should be wary. Why? Because if you make a large bet, and then he hits the straight, you will be forced to go all in at the river, because you have committed a lot of money to the pot already. With this approach, you will most likely end up losing more money.

When you are holding a decent hand, but feel that your opponent has a chance to get ahead, a good No Limit strategy is to make a bet, about two thirds of the entire pot. This amount is usually enough to make them think twice about drawing, and thus keep your hand in the lead.

The No Limit strategy when you are holding a good hand is to make a bet about a third of the pot. The reason this strategy is good is because it will encourage the players to draw. This will put more money in the pot, which is exactly what you want with a premium hand.

A lot of players do not even consider these facts. Once you implement these No Limit strategies in your game, you will see how advantageous this will be to you.

If you want to make a lot of money in No Limit, you should try to pay more attention to the quantity that you will bet. This will give you a tremendous edge, not just in the amount that you win, but also that which you save.