Laura Prepon: An American Actress & American Poker Player

Laura Prepon says that some people think that she is a tomboy because she loves to do things that men love to do, like playing poker and watching the televised sports event titled "Ultimate Fighting Championship." But Laura Prepon is actually a very beautiful young lady. In fact, she is happily living with her boyfriend, actor Christopher Masterson.

Well, of course, we are all very curious to know more about how she started in the entertainment industry and how she started becoming interested in playing poker. So, read on�

Laura Prepon was born on March 7, 1980 in Watchung, New Jersey. It was also in this city where she and her three other siblings were raised by their parents. As a kid, she had always been interested in joining the entertainment industry. Her first exposure to the entertainment world was when she was only fifteen years old, when she made a commercial for MCI, Inc., a telecommunications company in the United States.

Such commercial only inspired her to continue pursuing her dream to become an actress, which was why she enrolled at the Thomas' Total Theatre Lab in 1996. There, she took up drama classes under the tutelage of acting coach Caroline Thomas, the owner of the Thomas' Total Theatre Lab.

It was in September 1997 when Laura Prepon had the opportunity to be casted in the Internet-based soap opera titled "They Go On." She also became an international model, having the perks to travel to Brazil, Milan, Italy and Paris, France, before finally being included in the cast of the comedy television show "That '70s Show." It was in "That '70s Show" where Laura Prepon started to be recognized by the viewing public. Her character in this show was known as Donna Pinciotti. The first episode of the show was aired on August 23, 1998 and its last episode was aired on May 18, 2006.

Aside from acting, Laura Prepon has also been trying her luck, with success, in producing television shows and films. In fact, she became one of the producers of "That '70s Show." She was also the executive producer of the thriller film titled "Lightning Bug."

Her interest in producing extends to her interest in poker. This female celebrity poker player also became an executive producer of the television game show "E! Hollywood Hold'em." And because this female celebrity poker player wanted more participation in the show, she was also given the chance to host the first game it has ever featured.

Prior to such involvement in the poker world, this female celebrity poker player has already been visiting casinos quite often. She is also a regular at the Bicycle Casino with Masterson. Moreover, this female celebrity poker player has experienced playing at the World Series of Poker tournament in 2004.

Indeed, this female celebrity poker player is not a novice in the poker world -- to think that she is only in her twenties. This female celebrity poker player definitely has a future in acting, producing, and playing poker.