Cameron Diaz: Her Love for Acting & for Playing Poker

One of the prettiest faces in Hollywood belongs to actress Cameron Diaz. She started out in the entertainment industry as a fashion model before becoming a successful versatile actress. Apart from modeling and acting, Cameron Diaz is also a good poker player. Let's know more about her life as a model, an actress, and a female celebrity poker player.

Cameron Diaz was born on August 30, 1972 in San Diego, California. She was only sixteen years old when she decided to pursue a career in modeling. After finishing high school, she concentrated in her modeling career, allowing her to become an international model and working for such clothing companies as Levi's and Calvin Klein. She also became a cover girl in the July 1990 edition of the magazine "Seventeen." There was also a point in her life when she made one pornographic motion picture.

After experiencing success in the modeling industry, Cameron Diaz finally tried her luck in the motion picture industry. Fortunately, she passed the audition for a role in the motion picture "The Mask," which starred actor Jim Carrey. Perhaps, not a lot of people recognized her in that film. But the motion pictures she did after "The Mask" have definitely made her a big star, including "There's Something About Mary" and "My Best Friend's Wedding." She even experienced being nominated as Best Supporting Actress at several award-giving bodies for her stellar performance in the motion picture "Being John Malkovich."

Her other successful motion pictures include "Charlie's Angels," "Vanilla Sky," "Shrek," "Minority Report," "Gangs of New York," "The Holiday," "The Box," and "In Her Shoes."

Aside from movie theaters and television, Cameron Diaz may also be seen in casinos playing poker. Whenever she has free time, she makes it a point to visit the nearest casino she can find in order to relax, have fun, and take a break from her busy schedule as a celebrity.

It was celebrity Ellen Degeneres who introduced this female celebrity poker player to poker. This female celebrity poker player was invited once by Degeneres to the latter's place to play Texas Hold'Em. She did not want to come because she did not know how to play such game. But Degeneres' insistence forced her to come and play. This female celebrity poker player must be very grateful not to pass such chance because she won and took home all her opponents' money.

Ever since such incident, this female celebrity poker player admits to have become obsessed with poker. And such admission has only made this female celebrity poker player even more attractive and likeable.