A Beginner's Abstraction of Video Poker

Many of you may be familiar with the game of poker, yet it is most likely that a lot of the "non-casino" goers and poker beginners have not known or have not heard much about one of its variations called Video Poker.

Video Poker is an offshoot of the original poker game. It is also a game played in casinos which is a contingent of, or originally from the Five-Card draw type of poker game. This game is played on a computer console which is about the same height and width as that of a slot machine. So how did this variation of the original poker game come into existence?

The game started becoming viable commercially when it had become "penny-wise" to merge a monitor like that of a television with a solid centralized processing unit. The first few models, far primitive compared to the ones seen today, were developed and released to the public at about the same time as the production of the first personal computers during the middle of the 1970s. When Draw Poker was introduced in 1979, Video poker became evidently more established, and during the 1980s, it soon became more and more popular in the casinos due to the fact that a lot of people found it to be less intimidating as compared to playing poker in table games.

The game starts first with the placing of a wager of one or more credits. The player inserts a certain amount of money into the Video Poker machine, and soon after, presses the "Deal" button in order to draw the cards. He then receives an opportunity to possess or give away one or more cards in order to make an exchange and get a new card from the virtual deck of cards. Upon drawing, the machine will then evaluate the hand and offer a payout once the hand is a match with one of the other winning hands on the posted pay schedule. Certain machines will offer a progressive jackpot for a royal flush and occasionally, other rare hands too, thus making the player play more regularly.

The machines for video poker are run in jurisdictions which are regulated by the government and are programmed for random dealing of card sequences. The machines are often tested in order to make sure that it complies with government standards and regulations before being released to and used by casino gaming public.