Poker Satellite Rewards

As far as rewards go, there are various types of situation. There are winner-take-all satellites in which only one seat is awarded into the larger tournaments. (This is not advised for newbies or beginners). There are satellites that few people get seats (maybe one seat per 80 people). Then, there are satellites with higher ratios (one in twenty gets a seat), though those normally cost a lot more to join. Sometimes the prize is simply the $10,000 buy in fee (or however much the specific tournament asks or requires) and sometimes it's a total package, complete with fee, airfare, and hotel charges.

Smart strategies vary for the different types of game. The all-in mentality is very risky for some, but better for others (winner-takes-all games). You have to analyze the satellite from beginning to end, keeping in mind how many seats they are offering in the larger tournament. You can steal blinds or choose when to be aggressive, attacking people just to knock them out. After all, sometimes you don't need to win the tournament, but simply be in the top 10 and earn your seat.

Playing online or satellite games may be easier for some, as it reduces the nerves and "choke" factor of live playing. Though the odds come out to be around 62,500-to-1 for the World Series of Poker, it's better than nothing at all. And what if you win?!

Once you have won a satellite, the sky is the limit. For example, let's look at the story of Moneymaker. Chris Moneymaker of Spring Hill, Tennessee, parlayed from a $40 buy-in satellite tournament into a $2.5 million payday. It's the ultimate rags to riches story. If you don't know, he was the 27 year-old winner of the 2003 World Series of Poker. Moneymaker entered the tournament through an online tournament and eventually won the entire caboodle (though he still had to scrape together money from family to get airfare together).

Many people mistakenly attest his win to luck. (Moneymaker was a regular Joe that earned his way through the satellite system, allowing him to take part in and win his first live tournament ever.) However, he continues to win in tournament play, coming in second in the 2004 Bay 101 Shooting Stars World Poker Tour. He also travels the world and makes a lucrative living as a spokesman for various poker related products. Remembering the luck of his poker roots, Moneymaker still plays on online games using the moniker Money800.